they haven’t been cleared

At last, a point of contact with the SNP. I too shared Angus MacNeil’s disbelief on hearing that, after all the time the police spent investigating, nobody, but nobody, is going to be charged with anything related to cash for honours.

But it’s completely inaccurate to say that Lord Levy and the rest of the crew have been “cleared” of wrongdoing when there hasn’t even been a trial. The lack of evidence doesn’t mean that nothing dodgy was going on.

And in the light of my last post, perhaps more creepy on this occasion than the actions of the police is the news that John Yates, the policeman in charge of the inquiry, is going to be called before MPs to “explain himself.” Hmmm.

One thought on “they haven’t been cleared

  1. Funding of political parties is always going to be a can of worms in Scotland and England as long as we lack a sensible legal framework. I’ve always admired the German system where parties are funded solely through general taxation proportionate to the number of votes they attract. Try buying influence in that system!


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