Here’s a conundrum. Recently I heard it being insisted on very emphatically that fellowship with God is incompatible with living in sin. If anyone claims to have experienced fellowship with God, while leading a habitually sinful life, they cannot be reporting true fellowship or communion with God.

I believe this to be true, and yet it’s not the whole story. Because anyone who God has fellowship with in this world, is a sinner.

So how to reconcile these? And in a way that is sensitive to the fact that some dear believers are much more conscious of the habitual sinfulness of their life than they are able to confidently claim that they know what it means to have genuine fellowship and communion with the Trinue God?

[It’s our congregation’s communion this weekend, so the lack of time for blogging continues.]


still dichotomous

Was amused recently to read (in a fairly daunting exposition of how different parts of the brain get activated under exposure to different language-related stimuli) that truth isn’t a dichotomous variable.

The argument seemed to go: Extreme Position A is known not to be tenable (eg, that there is some specific part of the brain that is devoted to language processing), and Extreme Position B is also known not to be tenable (eg, that all parts of the brain get activated at once, given any kind of stimulus). Our best guess of what really goes on in the brain when listeners are processing language is some combination of these extremes. Therefore, truth is not dichotomous.

Irrelevant to the discussion, and false anyway.


yet more time

… has elapsed in which the blog has languished – much, I’m sure, to the chagrin of my huge adoring fanbase who hang on each and every word.

Maybe don’t hold out too much hope for next week either, but I’ll see what I can come up with. Things are tremendously busy at the moment. (In a good way.)