Messages from Captivity

The book of Ezekiel is in many places difficult to understand, but its basic message, addressed to a sinful people, consists of both warnings against current sins and hopefulness for a graciously restored future.

During the lockdown of spring 2020, Rev Allan W MacColl produced a series of sermons on the first half of Ezekiel’s prophecy (chapters 1-24). These have now been published by Ettrick Press under the title, Messages from Captivity. These sermons uncover the meaning of Ezekiel’s perplexing prophecies and bring the themes of his ministry to bear on our contemporary situation.

“Obscure as some parts of Ezekiel are, at the heart of this prophecy are the ever-pressing issues of human sin provoking divine judgment, and the utter necessity of being reconciled to the God of all grace.”

Contact me directly for a copy, or drop a line to This is a 176-page paperback, £8.50 (plus postage).