The Mystery of Providence

The Mystery of Providence is a series of conference talks given by Rev John J Murray, newly published by Ettrick Press.

With plenty of examples from Scripture, Mr Murray sets out the Bible’s teaching on the wonderful works of God and shows how providence both brings glory to God and prepares God’s people for glory.

What God is skilfully weaving in providence is often impenetrably mysterious to us. But as Mr Murray shows, there is still an abundance of truth about providence to encourage and comfort us, and lead us to more adoring praise of the holy, wise and powerful God of providence.

As Maurice Roberts says in the Introduction to this volume, ‘There are vital lessons to be learned from his fine exposition of the doctrine of providence.’

This is a 142-page paperback. More info including preview pages can be found on the Ettrick Press website. Copies cost £4.95 plus p&p and can be ordered via the Ettrick Press website.

Rev John J Murray (1934-2020) was a highly respected minister in the Free Church (Continuing) and had an indispensible role in setting up the Banner of Truth Trust. An obituary appeared in the Evangelical Times.


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