Church and State bibliography

The following sources are supplied as a bibliography for Neil Macleod’s chapter, ‘Church and State’ in Hold Fast your Confession (1978, Knox Press, ed Donald Macleod). The chapter itself gives an extremely useful overview of the Establishment Principle as it was understood in Scotland since the Reformation, and patiently defends the Scottish understanding of the Westminster Confession’s position on the role of the civil magistrate (as distinct from Romanism, Erastianism, and Voluntaryism). I can’t claim to have read all of these tomes, but I would imagine that most of them deal with the question of Church/State relations, and of the role of the Church in civil society, in a way pretty much consistent with the Establishment Principle. Some of them are available online through GoogleBooks and various archives; maybe later I’ll plug in some links.

Balfour, William (1873). The Establishment Principle Defended. Edinburgh: Johnstone, Hunter & Co

Bannerman, James (1868). The Church of Christ. Vols I and II. Edinburgh: T&T Clark

Begg, James (1874). Free Church Principles. Edinburgh: Johnstone, Hunter & Co

Brown, John (of Wamphray) (1660 [1845]). An Apologetical Relation, Etc. Edinburgh: Robert Ogle and Oliver & Boyd

Collins, GNM (1974). The Heritage of our Fathers. Edinburgh: Knox Press

Cunningham, William (1863). Discussions on Church Principles. Edinburgh: T&T Clark

Cunningham, William (1872). Sermons from 1828 to 1860. Edinburgh: T&T Clark

Douglas, JD (1964). Light in the North. Exeter: Paternoster Press

Gibson, James (1872). The Church in Relation to the State. Edinburgh: Johnstone, Hunter & Co

Gillespie, George (1646 [1846]). Aaron’s Rod Blossoming. Edinburgh: Robert Ogle and Oliver & Boyd

Henderson, GD (1951). The Claims of the Church in Scotland. London: Hodder & Stoughton

Hodge, Charles (1879). The Church and its Polity. London: Thomas Nelson & Sons

Kik, J Marcellus (1963). Church and State. New York: Thomas Nelson & Sons

Lectures on Church Establishments (various contributors) (1835). Edinburgh: Fraser & Co

MacLeod, John (1946). Scottish Theology. Edinburgh: Knox Press

MacPherson, John (1903). The Doctrine of the Church in Scottish Theology. Edinburgh: MacNiven & Wallace

Moncrieff, Sir Henry Wellwood (1883). The Free Church Principle. Edinburgh: MacNiven & Wallace

McCrie, Thomas (1871). Statement. Edinburgh: CF Lyon

McCrie, Thomas (1845). Vindication of the Covenanters. Edinburgh: William Whyte & Co

McCrie, CG (1907). The Confessions of the Church of Scotland. Edinburgh: MacNiven & Wallace

Rutherford, Samuel (1644 [1846]). Lex, Rex. Edinburgh: Robert Ogle and Oliver & Boyd

Shields, Alexander (1687 [1744]). A Hind Let Loose. Edinburgh: R Drummond & Co

Simpson, P Carnegie (1929). The Church and the State. London: James Clarle & Co

Stewart & Cameron (1910). The Free Church of Scotland 1843-1910. Edinburgh and Glasgow: William Hodge & Co

Walker, James (1888). Scottish Theology and Theologians. Edinburgh: T&T Clark


One thought on “Church and State bibliography

  1. Also:

    McCrie, GC, The Claim of Right, 1842
    Moncreiff, HW, The Claim of Right
    Stuart, AM Is the Establishment of Religion outside of the Confession?

    Cited by GNM Collins in Whose Faith Follow, published by the FC in 1943, the centenary of the Disruption – brief popular account of Scottish church history from the Reformation to 1943.


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