serious differences

Just read a post which saves me from writing anything else on the topic.

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In August 1560, the Reformation became official in Scotland.The Scottish Parliament ratified the Scots Confession (17th August) and “ordained that the Bishop of Rome has no jurisdiction or authority within this realm” (24th August).

That was 450 years ago last month.

A thanksgiving service was held in the tiny Magdalen Chapel, several hundred yards from where I’m writing, on Tue 17th August, 2010. A sermon was preached by Rev HM Cartwright on the first couple of verses of Romans 5.

The audio of this sermon is available here.

Count how many times he mentions the Pope.


Bloglines has announced that it’s shutting down on 1st October. Does anyone have any suggestions for an alternative?

It has to be web-based, and not Google. I use Thunderbird for email but strictly for work – don’t want to use it for my feeds.