The Disclaimers

Faqs, caveats, afterthoughts, in no particular order.

  • I know I should really write more about matters phonological in order to justify my tagline. I keep promising myself this will happen; then I have pity on my readers and abstain.
  • The blogroll lists people who I know in real life and a handful of other sites I find interesting. Allow me to state for the record that I’m no more likely to become a Roaming Catholic than a Secular Humanist or Atheist, and linking my friends of such persuasions is no indicator of how much I endorse their beliefs. (For what I really think, see the Westminster Confession and associated catechisms.)
  • I don’t, incidentally, have a counter installed on this blog to track who visits. WordPress provides me with the number of hits per day, and I don’t collect any further information about where visitors have come from, how long they spend here, etc.
  • Since I haven’t yet had any serious problems with people abusing the system, I don’t mind saying that if you want to leave a comment without providing your email address, you can make something up in the box that asks for your email, and the comment will still get through. As long as it’s a decent contribution, your anonymity doesn’t bother me.

5 thoughts on “The Disclaimers

  1. Hello,
    I stumbled across your blog some time ago and follow it now and then. I like your writing and agree mostly with what you say! I used to be a christian but am not anymore. Well, at least I thought I was one . I am just wondering what your thoughts are about the unforgivable sin that leads to death?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.



  2. Half an hour to go before midnight, means I’ve officially met the “sometime on Wed” deadline.
    Sorry it’s a bit long. Also it could be clearer, but it can always be taken further in the comments. There’s a good discussion in a wee book called The Christian’s Great Interest – written in, i dunno, 1600s maybe by William Guthrie, but unfortunately i don’t know where my copy is at the moment so haven’t been able to draw on it directly.


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