Luther tour

For anyone who might be interested, I’ve been asked to mention a nine-day tour to Germany to visit sites associated with Martin Luther and the early Reformation, which is taking place in September of this year.

Further info and contact details here. Anyone is welcome, but it says, “The trip is limited to 30 participants and numbers must be finalised at the end of January.”

(A similar holiday was run the summer before last, and everyone returned with glowing reports.)


happy new year and even less linguistics

I suppose I should come clean to readers and explain that one major reason for failing to write as much as I’d like here recently is that I’ve got a new job.

So behold my new incarnation as a statistician, working wonders with Excel and revelling in terms like heteroscedasticity. Apart from the fact that it has little to nothing to do with linguistics, I’m loving every moment of it.

It’s busy-in-a-good-way but once the newness wears off I’m looking forward to resuming normal service here.