this poor neglected blog

It’s just that things have been so busy recently.

Here in the meantime is something I read by Thomas Goodwin the other day.

From his comments on Ephesians 2 (vol 2 of his works) –

“As God has a multitude of mercies, so he has a multitude of all kinds of mercies. Therefore you shall find in the Scripture that mercy still runs in the plural, not only to note out that they are many, but that they are manifold, there is variety of them. Rom 12:1, ‘I beseech you by the mercies of God.’ In Neh 9:19, 27, a chapter in which God and man strive, as it were, whether God’s mercies or man’s sin should outvie one another, there is mention made of the manifoldness of his mercies. And in Isa 43:7, there is ‘the multitude of his loving-kindnesses,’ which are there called ‘the praises of the Lord,’ because they are his glory. …

And there is no sin or misery but God has a mercy for it, and he has a multitude of mercies of every kind too, even like an apothecary who has an abundance of drugs of all sorts for all kind of diseases. As there is no disease but God hath made a remedy for it, so there is no misery but God has mercy for it. He has found out a remedy for sin, the hardest thing to cure of all things else, and therefore he has provided a remedy for all other misery.

And as there are variety of miseries which the creature is subject to, so he has in himself a shop, a treasury of all sorts of mercies, divided into distinct promises in Scripture, which are but as so many boxes of this treasure, the caskets of variety of mercies. If your heart is hard, his mercies are tender. If your heart is dead, he has mercy to quicken it, as Psalm 119 has it again and again. If you are sick, he has mercy to heal you. If you are sinful, he has mercies to sanctify and cleanse you.

As large and various as are our needs, so large and various are his mercies. So we may come boldly to find grace and mercy to help us in the time of need, a mercy for every need.”