the post drought continues

I’m not sure where all my time is really going at the moment (or more accurately, to list what’s devouring it all would be too long and boring).

Instead, I’d have liked to dazzle you with an insightful review of OCP, last week’s phonology fest. If I had the time to marshal my thoughts, I’d be treating my readership to an evaluation of the implications of the minimalist program for phonology, a review of the manifold and not necessarily mutually supportive concerns that have been raised against the very conceptual foundations of optimality theory (did you know, o fellow phonology geeks, that Gen 2.0 was unveiled last week, and if you weren’t there to see it you’ve really missed out). It’s also intriguing to see how many advances armchair phonology can make (or not) in complete isolation from whole fields such as first and second language acqusition, and the remarkably diverse range of denotations of ‘phonetics’ that survive in the realms of old-world phonology.

However, other concerns are calling. Until things get back into some semblance of routine, don’t expect too much from here.