when MaHlabangana saw the sea

MaHlabangana2MaHlabangana had to travel from her home inland to the coast, some years before her death in 1943.

“I went to see her after her return. ‘What was the most wonderful thing you saw, MaHlabangana, when you were so far away?’ She did not speak of street cars or tall buildings as many did. ‘Oh,’ she said, ‘the sea, the wonderful sea, which I never saw before. It stretched so far away, so far, and yet it was always running towards me. It was like the mercy of God, always without measure, and always running towards me. I felt how little of it I could carry away in these little arms.'”

Here is her obituary.


The photo is from Jean Nicolson, John Boyana Radasi: Missionary to Zimbabwe, Free Presbyterian Publications, 1996 (p24)


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