With an Everlasting Love

HMCartwrightA collection of sermons by Rev Hugh M Cartwright has recently been published, titled With an Everlasting Love.

Mr Cartwright’s preaching never dipped below a baseline of ‘very good’ and often hit ‘excellent.’ The sermons in this volume are a small sample of this, reflecting how accurately he opened up Scripture, how deftly he applied it to his hearers, and how heartily he glorified Christ as the Saviour of sinners.

You can get it from Amazon (paperback, kindle) (with hardback on the way), if you’re not in striking distance of the FP Bookroom or the Stornoway Religious Bookshop.

4 thoughts on “With an Everlasting Love

    • I read that obituary with care. He sounds as if he were a lovely, Christ-filled man. I hope that people will take Iain Murray’s advice in the footnotes and that Mr. Cartwright’s letters and recordings of his sermons will be preserved and circulated.


  1. All his Lord’s Day sermons were recorded and copies are available from Gilmore Place. His addresses at the weekly prayer meetings weren’t officially recorded, but I’ve got written notes of most of them. Maybe more volumes will be forthcoming eventually.


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