hello world

DSC_0020_3A fortnight ago our baby boy made his appearance. He came four weeks early, taking us all by surprise – I hadn’t even started my maternity leave, far less packed a hospital bag. Apart from being pretty small, he’s healthy and contented, and so are we. Photos and vital statistics are on facebook for anyone interested.


7 thoughts on “hello world

  1. Many congratulations; may the Lord bless your family in all the days ahead. (I hope you will be able to spare some time for posting theological thoughts before too long.)


  2. What lovely news! Our first came a bit early too (9 months 5 days after the wedding) and it was quite an adjustment. Sounds as though you are coping well. Wishing you much happiness.


  3. Eek Marcia! That is pretty early!! :-) It does feel like we’ve been caught on the back foot, but he’s a good baby… plus my mum is here being amazing, so with that kind of support we’re coping ok!

    Thanks Ben – there are still some drafts to come from pre-baby days, once things settle down a bit…


  4. Many congratulations to you and your husband on your new one. He actually looks thoughtful in that photo. I suppose he cries with a British accent? I pray that the Lord will be good to him in the years ahead.


  5. Oh he looks so very very precious, and makes me want one again!! can a person get broody at age nearly 72? but I have to make do with hens!..


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