back in business

So, I’ve got me a tablet. This, I’m hoping, will be a technological fix to what’s mainly a problem of time – how to fit decent thinking and writing time into a whole new way of life, especially when I’m spending what still feels like far too big a chunk out of every day just getting to and from work.

My weeks so far have gone something like this.

Day 1. Rejoice that I’ve successfully got up only 10 minutes after the alarm’s gone off so I can get breakfast and we should still make the train. When we reach the final station, practice the Commuter Shuffle, that thing you have to do when all 600 of you pile off the train at the same moment and all press with equal fervour towards the same small number of turnstile exits.

Day 2. Note on the tube that flexibility of knees and toes is improving – less of those embarrassing drunken stumbles against fellow passengers every time the train changes speed. But wish they wouldn’t call it card clash when you try paying by contactless and it charges more than one card, as it’s clearly card conspiracy.

Day 3. Do a Napoleon. Mistake the 211 bus for the 11 and end up at Waterloo. Argh. Walk back and reach the office only 40 minutes late.

Day 4. Someone steals our seat on the train! Behaviour in this commuter eat commuter world hardly gets more outrageous. Have to sit facing the wrong direction all the way in – terrible start to the day.

Day 5. Friday, hooray. Noticeably fewer people on the train and everyone leaves the office mid afternoon. Resolve to get up early every day next week…

Apart from that, the main thing I’ve learned from married life so far is the great significance of sitting down together before embarking on anything and just having a wee chat about your values and priorities. When we had the good sense to do this, we established that I hated dishes and he hated ironing, and we made a solemn pact that he would do the dishes and I would do the ironing. Now, all these months and weeks on, he faithfully, timeously and uncomplainingly does all the washing up, and I, for my part, do as little ironing as I can get away with. Really, we’re very happy together.

Well, the plan for the next wee while will be to try and post up a couple of book reviews and then maybe see about settling into a more regular blogging routine. I know I’ve aired similar ambitions in the past, so you might be as well to treat this with a degree of scepticism. The only thing that’s different this time is that I’m tentatively hoping that what I couldn’t manage in the evenings on my laptop might just become more achievable on my nifty new tablet on the train. We’ll see how long it lasts.


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