from your foreign correspondent

I ventured forth intrepidly, a lonely Scot in exile in the deep south of England, to the wee shop round the corner on my lunchbreak and was delighted to return having been part of a conversation that involved a a real live use of the word ‘innit’. To wit: “Every little helps innit.” So it’s true, guys. They really do speak like that down here.

4 thoughts on “from your foreign correspondent

  1. I guess your corner shop uses “Every little helps innit” to distinguish themselves from Tesco. I’m unfamiliar with the word outside of the media – I assumed it was an inner London and perhaps primarily black thing. So I guess I was wrong?


  2. I don’t believe anybody in England says innit. The established pronunciation is inni’, with the glottal stop.

    Greetings by the way. It’s good to hear from you again; perhaps more from you in future?


  3. Yeah I can believe the glottal stop too.

    It’s definitely more widespread than London. I’m sure someone will have done some proper linguistics work on it.

    It’s just a general purpose tag question I think. Other varieties would have ‘every little helps, doesn’t it’ but this is just a usage that fits with any verb.

    Ben, I’d definitely like to be a bit more active here – I’ve just learned from bitter experience not to promise too much too far in advance :-)


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