wee update

The big news over the summer is that I got engaged. Seraphic has the back story, for anyone who hasn’t already heard on the grapevine. What with this being the mostly traditional Scottish calvinist blog that it is, I naturally can’t say too much about what a wonderful man Matthew is. We don’t believe in making loyal readers queasy. The wedding is to be in the spring, dv, and then it might even be possible to pick up a regular blogging schedule again.


7 thoughts on “wee update

  1. So that explains the 5 month gap in posts here? I must admit we did hear some rumour of such a thing. At least you two won’t want to disincline each other from buying books, unlike some married folk! :p

    Congratulations :)


  2. Best wishes to you and your fiance, Catherine. I have been reading (and enjoying!) your blog for quite a while, and had been checking regularly for a new post. Now it’s all explained.
    Thank you for not burdening your readers with exalted descriptions of your intended!
    Enjoy this wonderful season of your life.


  3. Many congratulations! I had been wondering why you hadn’t blogged for a while: I can’t think of a better excuse!!! Best wishes to both of you.


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