found while spring cleaning

(Yes, spring cleaning of a Saturday evening. It was that or more lecture prep.)

Scribbled note of something John Colquhoun said:

“The objects which the hand of faith grasps and receives are strictly speaking three – a word, a person, and a thing; or a verbal object, a personal object, and a real object. The word brings the person near to us, and the person brings the thing near. These three should, in our exercise of faith, be distinguished, but never divided. The man who has one of them possesses all; and he who has not all, possesses none. Christ Jesus, the glorious person, with God in him, is, as an object of faith, between the word and the thing; and it is he alone who gives importance and value to both. The former is the Word of God, and the latter, the righteousness of God. We therefore may with full assurance of faith rely on both, and be as firmly persuaded that they can never fail us as that he is the only begotten Son of God, and God equal with the Father.”


“Faith, then, instead of being the condition of the covenant, is only a condition of connection in the covenant, a moral instrument or means of receiving Christ, and, in union with him, justification and sanctification. Instead of giving a right to eternal life, it receives the gift of the surety-righteousness, which gives all the right to it. Instead of giving a personal interest in the Saviour, it only receives that personal interest in him which is freely offered to sinners in the blessed gospel. It does not, strictly speaking, give possession of Jesus Christ, or of his righteousness and salvation; – but it takes possession of them. … [Someone] cannot take possession of Christ and of salvation other than by the instrumentality of faith. … Faith takes all that is in the promises, as a gift of immensely rich grace, but gives nothing of it.”

(A View of Saving Faith, p98 and p30)


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