the evidence of things not seen

“Things of imagination, which maintain a value of themselves by darkness, will not bear a diligent search… They lose of their reputation on every serious inquiry. … But where things are real and substantial, the more they are inquired into, the more they evidence their being and subsistence. … There is no way, therefore, to strengthen faith to any degree but by a daily contemplation of the things themselves [ie spiritual/eternal things: the ‘things above’]. Faith … will give them a subsistence, not in themselves (which they have antecendent thereunto), but in us, in our hearts, in the minds of them that do believe. Imagination creates its own object; faith finds it prepared beforehand.”

Things of Christ, of God, of salvation, of heaven perhaps particularly: “The more we discern of the glory and excellency of them in their own nature; of their suitableness unto ours, as our only proper rest and blessednesss, as the prefection and complement of what is already begun in us by grace; of the restless tendency of all gracious dispositions and inclinations of our hearts towards their enjoyment – the more will faith be established in its cleaving unto them.”

John Owen, vol 7, p319-321


2 thoughts on “the evidence of things not seen

  1. I needed this today. Thank you for sharing.
    I think I am very guilty of letting-go and not contemplating deeply the things of the Lord as much as I have in the past. It is so true that when you stop looking to Him, you begin to flounder and your heart becomes weary and heavy with every breath.


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