nearly gaelic spam

SEO must be the initials for some technical thingy that spammers assume you’d be interested in. Since I know nothing about it, the spam messages just sound homely and innocuous in a Gaelic sort of way. “Seall! Seo spam!”

To which you can only reply, “Glé mhath! S seo am buddon deleeʰt.”


2 thoughts on “nearly gaelic spam

  1. SEO = Search Engine Optimization, the art of making your website more visible on Google.

    I’ve never had a Gaelic spam, but have had plenty of Turkish spam, Dutch spam, Chinese spam, and even Hebrew spam if I remember aright.


  2. I just get boring old Russian spam, and English. This is why I have to make up my own teuchterised scenarios where criminal masterminds Wee Murdie and Dol Iain hunch over their keyboards flooding cyberspace with Nigerian-style ‘you’ll be sending us your account number the day uh?’ messages.


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