pagan britain

An excellent, thought-provoking essay by Dorothy Cummings McLean should be visible at this link here. She traces out the collapse of organised religion in the British Isles in the early 1960s and identifies some of the better known gods and rituals which have sprung up by way of replacement.

“The London teen who leaves a bottle of vodka for the shade of Amy Whitehouse is acting from the same religious impulse that inspired his Bronze Age ancestor to throw a gold coin in a stream.”

I’d like to come back to the more controversial aspects of this piece at some stage soon, but in the meantime the overall point is well made and it’s a very juicy read.


4 thoughts on “pagan britain

  1. An interesting article indeed. It would seem that if we leave God out of our lives and fail to glorify Him and enjoy Him – then as incurably religious creatures we are doomed to setting up our own idols in our hearts.


  2. Or as a prophet of their own said, when people stop believing in God, they believe anything. Including in the appropriateness of leaving offerings at impromptu shrines to the recently deceased and devoting themselves to celebrity trivia.


  3. And in the appropriateness of helping themselves to whatever they fancy from Debenhams and Currys in sickening displays of greed and wanton destructiveness.


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