so why is it so difficult

James Buchanan – “Many lessons might be deduced from the doctrine of the Spirit’s agency as ‘the Spirit of grace and of supplication,’ applicable alike for our warning, our direction, and our encouragement in prayer.

… We learn from it that God has made the most ample provision for our being restored to his communion and fellowship: for not only is he revealed as the hearer and answerer of prayer, sitting on the throne of grace, and waiting to be gracious; and not only is Christ revealed as our advocate and intercessor, standing beside the throne, and ready to present our requests, perfumed with the incense of his own merits; but lest, when all outward impediments were removed, there might still remain some hinderance in our own hearts, the Holy Spirit is also revealed as the Spirit of grace and supplication, who intercedes for us according to the will of God; and as this precious truth should encourage us to ask his grace to help our infirmities, so it should inspire the hope of an answer in peace …”

2 thoughts on “so why is it so difficult

  1. A good reminder that our prayers receive a Trinitarian response, as our God is. As a practical matter, we tend to get lazy in our thinking and think of God only as Jesus Christ – rather than as a Trinity of Persons.


  2. That could well be true. Or even if you always preserve the formula ‘to the Father through the Son by the Spirit,’ the danger of going in practical terms to the Father bypassing Christ, etc. (The permutations are endless really I suppose.)


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