ok, I watched it

The wedding, obv. It was a surprise to myself. Much more gripping viewing than I’d have expected. The dress: perfect. The service: mercifully traditional. The couple: relaxed, and apparently genuinely happy. Nae bad.

4 thoughts on “ok, I watched it

  1. I’ve seen bits and pieces of it, so far. I think I like it better than I liked Charles and Diana’s wedding, which was 30 years ago this coming July 29th. Yes, the service was traditional Anglican (and few do pomp better than the Anglicans), but one wonders whether either William or Kate believes a word of any of the Scripture readings.


  2. I am (ahem) faaaar too young to remember C&D, but there was absolutely no hint of any “lamb to the slaughter” type misgivings yesterday. They both looked like they were even enjoying themselves!

    On the human level, there’s a cautious feeling that we could be warranted to hope that this might be a stronger marriage than most of the other poor royals of the day. Should no doubt be praying for more… But I could scarcely believe how thoroughly Christian the ceremony itself was. Recall the multifaceted garbage of Diana’s funeral, eg – this we were spared. They sang ‘Guide me o thou great Redeemer’! Dignified and tasteful – let’s hope they keep this up.


  3. I thought so too Cath. There was really nothing said that I disagreed with, indeed there wasn’t much that was even slightly ambiguous, as I remember things anyway. Marriage was defined properly and biblically and, most amazing of all, in connection with the Gospel which it signifies.

    Like Richard I wonder about sincerity. On the other hand I don’t thing anyone twisted their arm to write their prayer.


  4. I didn’t watch it live, but I did listen to it live and watched twitter! This gave a new angle on what was going on as the commentary from the Abbey was rather pompous. We had a foretaste of the Prayer Book on Easter with a service from Windsor, and it was interesting to hear the old language being used, though one doubts if many understood it. I enjoyed the music. Hubert Parry always strikes a good note and at least the service was dignified and Mr Mugabe did not attend this one.

    Events in Pakistan have put the royal wedding into the background, which is probably where it should be.


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