a post i liked

Jesus is not one of those mates I can just pick up with every few months or so. I’ve got a relationship with the living Lord. That’s what being a Christian is all about, right? So if we aren’t talking, then it’s not about a black mark on my heavenly copybook. The issue is that I’m blanking the person who gives me life and meaning and strength and peace and joy. And even if everything else is just peachy, without God at the centre, my life doesn’t hold together. I’m dissatisfied, sullen, or charging from one activity to the next. Conversely, when I’m having any sort of trauma (from badhairday to existential meltdown), when I know who I am in Him, it’s all ok.”

Read it all.

(With appropriate mental reservations for the Seasonal bits, obviously.)


3 thoughts on “a post i liked

  1. I know there was a time when the mainstream Church of Scotland did not have a service on Christmas Eve/Day. But that has changed. They observe one holyday at least now.
    I was not sure if that was the case in all the Calvinist Churches.


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