linguistics through poetry

Am currently pondering limericks, for deep and serious academic reasons.

While painting the church steeple grey,

The wind blew our brushes away.

We said to the pastor,

“We’ve had a disaster.”

He calmly replied, “Let us spray.”

If every scholarly article featured a wee limerick or two, life would be very greatly enhanced.


13 thoughts on “linguistics through poetry

  1. This limerick is really great! Luckily I had finished my cup of tea before reading it. I would love to have deep and serious academic reasons for reading articles with limericks in them, yet I fear that in the field of agriculture this is somewhat unlikely…


  2. You could write deep academic limericks, like this one on Berkeley:

    There was a young man who said, “God
    Must think it exceedingly odd
    If he finds that this tree
    Continues to be
    When there’s no one about in the Quad.”

    Dear Sir:
    Your astonishment’s odd:
    I am always about in the Quad.
    And that’s why the tree
    Will continue to be,
    Since observed by
    Yours faithfully,

    (Ronald Knox)


    • Thanks! My day’s made again! :-)
      (And then there is still an evening to amuse myself by trying to put forward the most hardcore position on religious freedom in a philosophical discussion group.)


  3. Though rather pressed for time
    Cath was minded to write words of fine rhyme
    She put pen to paper
    Then laboured ’til later
    And blog readers said it was fine


  4. Last week I was sick as a kitten
    And of course all but frost-bitten
    The blog’s gone to pot
    And my nerves are all shot
    As all this week’s lectures still need written


  5. The Free Kirk has voted in Hymns,
    Based on unscriptural whims,
    What a bunch of bams,
    To have set aside Psalms
    Alas, for another light dims.


  6. Glad to see you’ve seen the light :)
    A few years ago, I had a little project of translating Rob Staples’s “The Church out on a Limerick” (ISBN 083-411-8254) into German (see The one that truly defeated me was:

    Eve and Adam, whose world was primeval,
    Ruined the world (ancient, mod and medieval),
    Setting up, east of Eden,
    A Garden of Hedon.
    Now our world’s one of “Atom” and “Evil”.


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