yet more time

… has elapsed in which the blog has languished – much, I’m sure, to the chagrin of my huge adoring fanbase who hang on each and every word.

Maybe don’t hold out too much hope for next week either, but I’ll see what I can come up with. Things are tremendously busy at the moment. (In a good way.)

6 thoughts on “yet more time

  1. Yes, I’ve been missing your postings and appreciate your blog. I hope the ‘tremendously busy’ doesn’t involve undue babysitting – I know how the smugly married can take advantage of us steady, useful, creative singletons…


  2. Why thanks, huge adoring fanbase!

    Babysitting is always a welcome interlude, but meanwhile if anyone has any suggestions about psycholinguistic models of speech production either from a developmental perspective or a speech motor perspective, I’d be very pleased to hear them! Preferably both.

    Over and out till next week.


  3. You have a blog? Since when?? (heh, heh)

    On that speech motor perspective thingee: usually a large motor works better than a small one, especially when one is trying to speak uphill. Hope that helps!

    Signed: fervid member of the huge adoring fanbase (HAF).


  4. I’ve just noticed a google ad on your page, is this an example of the evil (and creepy!) organisation’s intrusion into everything? … or do you get paid and they’re fine really?


  5. No it’s a hideous & outrageous intrusion, something makes me think you have to pay to get rid of them, not visible if you’re logged in to WordPress so i just grit my teeth and hope they’re harmless


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