In August 1560, the Reformation became official in Scotland.The Scottish Parliament ratified the Scots Confession (17th August) and “ordained that the Bishop of Rome has no jurisdiction or authority within this realm” (24th August).

That was 450 years ago last month.

A thanksgiving service was held in the tiny Magdalen Chapel, several hundred yards from where I’m writing, on Tue 17th August, 2010. A sermon was preached by Rev HM Cartwright on the first couple of verses of Romans 5.

The audio of this sermon is available here.

Count how many times he mentions the Pope.

16 thoughts on “thanksgiving

  1. Sadly , he was entirely wrong. As the successor to Peter and so head of the early Church, he has jurisdiction and authority in every realm.
    The present Holy Father was in this realm yesyerday and it would seem that more than a few of the inhabitants of this realm think he has just that.


  2. Oh well, nobody got it. Sigh. The number of times precisely is zero, just for the record. Listen and see for yourselves.

    If you want to argue, go and read here instead. This was meant to be the “think of something nicer than protesting the pope for a wee minute” post.

    The only further comments allowed on this post should be things like “what an excellent sermon” and “what a lovely minister you’ve got Catherine” and “praise be for the five solas”. In your own words. Ta.


  3. I listened to it this morning. And there was a distinct absence of the ‘P’ word.

    The sermon may be 54 minutes long but consider that minor inconvenience in light of Eternity.

    ‘He that hath an ear, let him hear…………’ Rev.3.22


  4. I just listened, but the quality is poorish. I can’t hear it too well, but, yes, I was guessing Pope, absent, Jesus, passim.

    Wish we could call one of your men. Apart from anything else, it would get me off the organ roster for good.


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