Bloglines has announced that it’s shutting down on 1st October. Does anyone have any suggestions for an alternative?

It has to be web-based, and not Google. I use Thunderbird for email but strictly for work – don’t want to use it for my feeds.

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  1. I used to use Firefox add-on Sage.

    But in the end, I got tired of having un-synched subscriptions on different computers (I guess you wouldn’t call Sage “web-based”?), so I switched to Google Reader. But then again, ever since Gmail changed my life, I’ve had some pretty serious Google brand-loyalty. The exception is that I pay for Flickr Pro rather than using PicasaWeb. And I never caught the Wave. And of course, I use, not blogger. I guess that leaves Gmail, GoogleCalendar, and GoogleDocs (see also here).

    So what’s your beef with Google?


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