publican quiz

It’s time for a poll!

You know the scenario in Matthew 18, which describes the procedure to use when a Christian brother is at fault. If the problem escalates to the stage of needing intervention from the Church, the brother may accept the Church’s verdict. But if he doesn’t, then, “let him be unto thee as an heathen man and a publican” – treat him as you would a pagan or a tax collector.

Poll question: what does that mean?

(Since the reason for asking is in order to see how many people know, it would also be interesting if you would answer a church background question too: optionally of course, and it goes without saying that complete anonymity is guaranteed for both polls!)

7 thoughts on “publican quiz

  1. So if you voted for other (i.e. coming up with your own definition / exegesis), you’re not interested in our church affiliation? How disappointing … ;-)


  2. Also: Are you even able to see definitions given in “other”? When clicking ‘view results’, they’re not visible … :(


  3. Hm, it’s the first time i’ve experimented with “other” – turns out that i can see the “other” anwsers from behind the scenes but i don’t know how to make that appear to the rest of the world ??


  4. Oops! I’m one of the four. Didn’t read it properly. I possibly thought it meant ‘I voted in Question 1 and (etc)’ (?)


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