the week that was

Since recovering from the Train Experience, I’ve been home, had a non-festive holiday, set the world to rights with my oldest schoolfriends, read several books, caught a flight back to Edinburgh, reached Edinburgh two and a half hours late, didn’t complain, went to work, was entertained by the McAmbroses, completed a paper draft, and decided to hibernate due to the snow.

More to follow in due course.

3 thoughts on “the week that was

  1. Glad you survived the train trauma, it sounds awful.

    I’ve been following all the snow storied online (and phoning my dad in Inverness for regular updates) And was speechless – well not really – to see that yet again people in the south of England were stuck in a 10 mile stretch of snow and had to be rescued, and indeed some were outraged that the help did not come quick enough. They must have been related to your complaining train people.

    Oh well, just going to check on our own snow…..


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