himself alone

John Bunyan wrote a whole book on Christ’s words in John 6, the promise that he will not cast out anyone who comes to him. He expounds this text from all sorts of angles and shows how the promise is full to overflowing with encouragement for anyone who might be troubled about their sins – they should come to Christ, and trust Christ himself alone to save them from their sins. Christ alone is able, so to Christ alone we should go.

“Christ as a Saviour will stand alone, because ‘his own arm alone has brought salvation to him’. He will not be joined with Moses, nor permit John the Baptist to be tabernacled by him; I say they must vanish, for Christ will stand alone. … Christ will not permit any law, ordinance, statute, or judgment to be partners with him in the salvation of the siner. Nay, he saith not, ‘And him that cometh to my Word’: but, ‘And him that cometh to me‘. The words of Christ, even his most blessed and free promises, such as this in the text, are not the Saviour of the world: for that is Christ himself, Christ himself only. The promises, therefore, are but to encourage coming sinners to come to Jesus Christ, and we are not to rest in them short of salvation by him.

The man therefore that comes aright, casts all things behind his back, and neither looks at nor has his expectations from anything but the Son of God alone. David says, ‘My soul, wait thou only upon God: for my expectation is from him: he only is my rock and my salvation: he is my defence: I shall not be moved.’ His eye is to Christ, his heart is to Christ, and his expectation is from him, from him only.

Therefore the man that comes to Christ is one that has had deep considerations of his own sins, slighting thoughts of his own righteousness, and high thoughts of the blood and righteousness of Jesus Christ: yea, he sees, as I have said, more virtue in the blood of Christ to save him, than there is in all his sins to damn him. He therefore sets Christ before his eyes; there is nothing in heaven or in earth he knows that can save his soul, and secure him from the wrath of God, but Christ; that is, nothing but his personal righteousness and blood.”

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