plodding up and down the vocal track

This is the first time for several years that I don’t have any December marking to do.

In celebration, here are some snippets of brilliance from previous years’ efforts.

Give two examples of words which have regular plural forms in English.

  • floor and happy
  • cat’s and dog’s
  • walk > walk’s and sing > sing’s

Give two examples of words which have irregular plural forms in English.

  • what and when
  • beautifully and happily
  • sheep, sheep; ox, oxens
  • you and child

And from a short-essay answer:

  • The weakening of function words is affluent in this dataset.

These students are our future!

2 thoughts on “plodding up and down the vocal track

  1. Oy. With students like that, Britain is in trouble! Reminds me of the survey taken a few years ago here in the States that showed that a significant percentage of COLLEGE SENIORS could not tell the surveyer which half of the 19th century the Civil War was fought in (answer: second half [1861-1865]). Another survey – of high schoolers, I think – shows that they didn’t know the first name of our first president (answer: George).

    What is the world coming to?


  2. Doomed, we’re all doomed.

    These were from students on degree courses, although if I remember rightly the first two questions were from a first year paper (where they still have a couple of years to improve before graduating!), but there is clearly little hope for the confused honours students puzzling over the vocal track and the affluence of weakening processes.

    Although I must confess exams were never my own strong point!


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