words of comfort

I just spoke to someone after sending them a draft of something to comment on, apologising for how long it had taken to get it finished.

“Well, writing…” was the response – “You can set aside the hours you’re going to spend on it, but you can never predict how much you’ll get done.”

A bit like this, in fact.




8 thoughts on “words of comfort

  1. The words aren’t so heart-warmingly inspirational put down in black and white, but there is still something of the experience poignantly captured there :)

    Someone once many moons ago changed my screensaver to the words “Get Back To Work Catherine!” rolling across the screen … manifestly unfair, i thought!


    • And after a day of staring at the screen, surfing orientationlessly and not getting much done, I sighed and said, “This isn’t my day”. And out of the chaos, a voice came unto me and asked, “Are you sure this is your life?”

      O dear, indeed!


  2. Weep.

    Is it utterly shameless & incorrigible to think that sometimes the lack of measurable progress might not be a sign of actual laziness though?

    A question which may or may not reflect my near-helplessness in the face of exhortations about the Good Use of Time :-/


  3. Here’s some concrete data from recent personal experience: 9 days of hours staring at screens, searching for and scanning articles, scribbling mindmaps and outlines interrupted by lots of the P word (procrastination) with, on average, 50 words net gain to thesis followed by one day of 800+ words.
    Now, I’m not sure whether 800+ word days would be possible without the other 50-word days …
    In order to prevent burnout (and let some thoughts gel into something coherent), “brain saving time” *must* be a good use of time! My 2p :)


  4. What a depressing editorial :) I must be one of the 1% – it’s like you make a wee miracle on the page every time you (a) express a thought and (b) make it comprehensible to a reader! a struggle, but worth it!


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