tending the garden

A passing comment, arising after a sermon on 1 Cor 7, ‘the time is short …’:

Time is the only physical thing we can give to our souls.

(And the gift we give least often.)

True? false? debatable?

[Meanwhile, I’m catching a train northwards tomorrow lunchtime and web access is unlikely until the start of next week.]


5 thoughts on “tending the garden

  1. I’m not a physicist but thought that time was a physical (fourth) dimension, cf. Einstein and all that. Of course, whether time in the quote above is meant as a physical or metaphysical quality is time for debate. ;)


  2. That’s what I wondered too! but if you accept that time can be measured, counted etc …

    Cf what the rich man attempted to offer his soul – Soul, thou hast much goods laid up for many years – when it was only a question of the material fruits and goods that filled his barns, and clearly could not be good for his soul in any way.

    I suppose the idea was that looking after the health and wellbeing of your spiritual life demands a time investment – time to clear your mind of secular things, time to pray, time for self-examination … as opposed to the neglect that your soul must suffer when there’s no time to stop and think, consider, reflect, etc. Takes a bit of discipline though to suppress or ignore all the other demands (real or exaggerated) on your time

    don’t know


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