accessing half the web

Well, the new router has arrived and has solved some of our internet problems, although frustratingly bringing new ones into the equation too. It’s failing to load up some sites properly – I can get Bloglines, Google, WordPress, the BBC, but not much else (Yahoo, Facebook, Language Log, anything with blogspot in it, any help pages that I google for). This can be for several hours with no apparent reason and then fine again for a while: very annoying.

On the plus side, I’ve successfully persuaded my dad to lend me a couple of aged tomes from his library, which means that I will be able to read up on Victorian ecclesiastical controversies to my heart’s content while the internet sorts itself out. If there’s anyone out there who understands and is willing to talk about the Establishment Principle, and how far it was/is shared by other countries of the Reformation (particularly perhaps the Netherlands), and what it means in today’s political (not necessarily ecclesiastical) context, it would be lovely to hear from you. A post on such matters may be forthcoming if rage at the tantalising lack of yahoo mail doesn’t consume me first.

2 thoughts on “accessing half the web

  1. You know, as well as being one of my favourite linguists, you are absolutely my favourite theology geek. You inspire me to do more reading and thinking about my approaches to ethics, morality and living. Are you up for some tea and cake next time I swing by Edinburgh?


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