still sporadic

I’m back, but my internet’s gone. I’m breaking all the rules by doing bloggy stuff during the day (when I should be earning a crust). Maybe I’ll use the evenings of enforced internet absence to do some proper reading. Meanwhile, go and read this here article and have a ponder.


4 thoughts on “still sporadic

  1. I’ve got a method for keeping the evening and morning clear of t’interweb! And without an accomplice!

    I put the cable needed to connect the modem to the puter or the wireless wotsit in my letterbox (all the letterboxes on the stair are on the landing up from me).


  2. In the absence of an accomplice, physical disconnection is the only way forward! Before we had wireless I used to try pulling out the cable – but it only works if you take further drastic action like moving to a completely different room. Wireless has thoroughly scuppered my feeble good intentions. Alas, if only i had more of that thing called discipline.


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