make a wee robot happy

In my thesis  acknowledgements, I gave a special mention to Ziggy Campbell, acoustic expert extraordinaire who deserves all sorts of credit for the quality of pretty much all the recordings I’ve ever done.

But in his other life Ziggy is a musician in some kind of way too cool for me to know anything about.

And is one of a small team who has built Cybraphon, a unique robotic music band. The robot consists of musical instruments fitted inside an antique wardrobe which not only play themselves but vary the music that’s produced depending on what mood the robot is in – the unique twist being that its mood is determined by the amount of activity that it registers online about itself.

The more people discuss it online, and click on its pages, the happier it gets, and correspondingly the more happy its music is. It monitors its status constantly and when people lose interest, it gets depressed. (One of its co-creators calls it the very model of a modern indie band.) There’s all sorts of ways you can connect with it online – through the Cybraphon blog, MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook.

An intriguing blend of antique instruments and Web 2.0, and with the tenuous but undeniable phonetics link, surely there’s something here to satisfy everyone’s inner geek. Click around and make a robot happy today!

2 thoughts on “make a wee robot happy

  1. Oooh, cool! I am a big fan of both Ziggy’s excellent services and his musical escapades. I was sold on the concept of a musical robot but the fact that it has moods which depend on how much online attention it receives is totally adorable. Hooray for Cybraphon!


  2. It’s v cool. The co-collaborator i left anonymous above is in reality none other than Simon Kirby, who does world-famous evolutionary linguistics as a kind of hobby interest.


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