a double-barrelled name

Traill says, in one of his sermons:

You are not called at first to believe your interest in Christ, his will to save you in particular: but you are, on the peril of your souls, to trust this Saviour with your salvation; and all the more so, because of his declared ability and goodwill to save.

Saving faith in Christ is not a bare assent unto any proposition of truth concerning Christ the Saviour, for that is but an act of the mind, and it is in devils, and in many ungodly men: but it is an act of the heart on the person of the Saviour. … It is a trust on this divine person, as revealed to us by his names in the gospel. So faith is called so often, ‘believing on his name’, John 1:10, 1 John 3:23.

There is one name of Christ in Isaiah 63:1, ‘I that speak in righteousness, mighty to save,’ where we have a most attractive description of Christ the object of faith. [Traill now breaks down this name into two, (i) I that speak in righteousness, (ii) I that am mighty to save.] All he speaks is true, and you may trust him, and take his word. And he can do all, any thing, every thing, in and about salvation, that a sinner can need to be done. He is mighty to save. Never did a sinner perish through Christ’s lack of might to save.

Remember these two names of Christ in all your employing of him about salvation. The truth of his saving word, and the might of his saving arm, ought never to be out of the eye of faith. How strong would faith grow in us if our faith did duly fix on both?

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