seven things

Tagged by Berenike to give seven things I like and tag seven people.

I like:

  • a nice cup of tea
  • Belmont, St Andrew, St Kilda, and the plebby stuff they play on Classic FM
  • peace on the Lord’s Day
  • having work to do (the other six days)
  • Thomas Boston and his ilk
  • being finished with the thesis (much as I also liked writing it, actually)
  • och, most folks generally

I tag: Betty (or what’s the name you go by?), Tim, Clare, Richard, Libbie if she’s got the time, the Teuchter, Sheena, and that’s 7. Which is just as well, to save me tagging Matthew and Jeremy Walker, who undoubtedly have less frivolous things to do with their time.


4 thoughts on “seven things

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  2. 1 – oh yes :-)

    2 – baffled – what are you talking about?

    3 – yup

    4 – mmhhhh (that agreeing noise)

    5 – not read him

    6 – heheh

    7 – aye, I’ll go wi’ tha’



  3. Ahh, Boston, perhaps the single most influential pastor/theologian Scotland has known – his Fourfold State a classic, profound, plain, reverent, devotional – a mainstay on the shelves of theologians and crofters alike and flavouring the piety and preaching of generations & generations of scots … i could go on … intensely spiritual in his personal life, devoted to his wife and children, a difficult pastorate, avoided publicity, only published anything on the arm-twisting of friends, harrassed by his own church courts, worked ceaselessly for church unity, prayed and fasted on every conceivable occasion. We need more people like him. Need to be more like him. Read him if you ever get the chance – Human Nature in its Fourfold State, cannae beat it.


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