Got home late last night to find the two volumes of William Cunningham’s Historical Theology waiting for me.

It’s part of my long-term but under-realised goal of reading more deeply in home-grown theologians – and Cunningham was one of the most profound of the group of mid-19th century Scottish theologians. I can’t wait to get the time to dive in.

Meanwhile on the book front, I took the second edition of Ladd’s Intonational Phonology with me to work today to read in my break – shoved it in a smallish plastic bag which turned out to be from Accessorize. How appropriate, I thought. Intonational Phonology, you see, is this season’s must-have. It went so well with the rest of my outfit and I bet everyone on the bus was really jealous.

7 thoughts on “excitement

  1. “The Warfield – nay, the Calvin! – of his day” says his biographer.

    Yes, that’s how important he was :)

    The theologians of the Disruption Free Church are actually quite underestimated though imho. Cunningham, James Buchanan, James Bannerman, Hugh Martin, George Smeaton … People go to the Puritans for reverent, practical, devotional theology but i think we do miss out when Scots like these are overlooked – there was no lack of learning or eloquence or thoroughly well grounded confessional orthodoxy from the church in Scotland between the 1820s and say the 1880s.


  2. Yes, yes, yes. Why are they so neglected? Somebody needs to update James Walker so he goes beyond 1750 in the Theology and Theologians of Scotland!


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