the works of macleod

John MacLeod is publishing books faster than I can review them. His latest, When I Heard the Bell, was fresh out in February – just months after Banner in the West (published last October).

The newest one is rather more harrowing than what I normally read, and I’ll make no promises about reviewing it. But my review of Banner in the West is now available here (or by clicking through from the ‘Books’ tab at the top of the page).

I’ve also massively overrun my bed-time by disambiguating John MacLeod from, er, John MacLeod and John MacLeod on LibraryThing. John MacLeod didn’t write Bypaths of Highland Church History, ok? That was John MacLeod.

2 thoughts on “the works of macleod

  1. The day I decided to buy Banner in the West, Amazon hiked the price up so I didn’t get it. Gonna just bite the bullet and get When I Heard the Bell. Its a story I’ve heard the basic elements of recited, but I’m sure the 272 pages has plenty more to offer.


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