11 thoughts on “meet edward

  1. How cute! I once had a hamster called Hugo (by my boss who gave him to me as a birthday present without ever asking me if this was opportune or not…) Hugo was a rather independent creature, not liking to be touched or held in one’s hand or ever eating out of one’s hand, but then, never biting, either. He loved to climb and, reaching the top, jump, which put his life quite in danger several times. He also loved Marxist literature (tomes of which were used to keep him in the corner of the room where he was allowed to run). His interest, of course, was exhibited by gnawing at it, but nevertheless!


  2. Tho I dislike any small thing that resembles mice I do have to admit he is kinda cute. I wonder if it would scare off a rat (if it is one that we have living in the walls of this big huge and scary abode)?


  3. Was it not somewhere on this blog declared that you dear lady have an aversion to mice? Have you gotten to used to having vermin around that you now endorse them (-:

    I have a Betta Fish named Augustine (of Hippo) but he’s not nearly as cuddly as your fellow.


  4. I love the sound of Augustine already :)

    I deeply resent mice trotting around the room while i’m sitting here. Other than that, it’s spiders that i really can’t stand.

    Edward, as the chap who i secretly now refer to as his previous owner explained, is somewhat territorial and may well be a mouse-deterrent. At any rate there have been no major sightings since he arrived! I wouldn’t like to venture a guess about rats though. How horrific. Though sounds in the walls can sometimes be amplified — it may well be just a mouse even if it sounds monstrous at a distance!

    He does like jumping, it turns out. He tried to crawl down the curtain beside the table his cage is on, and when that didn’t work he simply jumped right off the table. I was convinced he’d done himself some serious damage, but he went right back a few minutes later and did the exact same thing, so clearly he just likes it. Although i have no marxist literature to feed him :) Maybe i could construct a pen out of my thesis and some fat linguistics textbooks instead.

    I’m still not sure whether he can really like his ball that he rolls around the floor in. I can’t see how he can’t be dizzy and exhausted when he goes in it. But everyone seems to put their hamster in one, so i suppose it must be ok??


  5. Cath, I thought you had an analytical mind and would notice things like this. Watch him when he’s in the ball; He’s not going round, the ball is – so he won’t get dizzy. Tsk tsk.


  6. My mother bred borzois. They loved the glue in the binding of hardback books, so to please the beasts and preserve her own collection she used to go to a shop selling Soviet technical manuals and buy piles of them (they were tres cheap) for the dogs to “read”.

    This was before my parents even met, and mum told the story several times while we lived near Edinburgh. Back in Warsaw, I noticed a couple of years ago that though the bookshop is loooooong gone, the traces of the letters on the front of the building are still there. A strange feeling.


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