failure on all hands

Tramping through the grey-brown sludge that counts as our most recent snowfall, it transpired my boots leak. I also need a new Disclosure form, which currently means a 4-week wait and I don’t have four weeks. Then there’s a statutory notice on our tenement – the roof needs fixing. And I’ve just received a letter from the Blood Donor people pointing out that although I registered as a donor I “have not yet given blood”; this is an embarrassing reminder of my feeble attempt at the good deed about, em, 4 years ago, and how they couldn’t get any blood, out of either arm, and I fainted on the way out, and have never been back. Now my laptop is slowly dying a rather painful death. The battery life when you unplug it has always been truly pathetic. It’s now cutting out citing low battery even when it’s plugged into the wall. I have frantically copied all the folders I’m currently working on to CD and am now wondering how on earth to afford a new laptop for when it finally gives up. Not to mention, we’re almost out of teabags.

The only good thing I can tell you about right now is that, as of tonight, we get to pet-sit a hamster. I’ll post you a photo of Edward when he emerges from his fluff-ball, if that’s what you call it, and assuming I have reasonable internet access. He is already adorable and I’m secretly hoping he’ll chase the mice away. (Yes, we also have mice.) (But that’s enough moans for one night.)


11 thoughts on “failure on all hands

  1. Ack! That sounds terrible, especially the bad blood experience. Last time I went they decided my iron levels were too low and then they wrote me a letter to say that further tests showed that they weren’t. I am now confused and slightly paranoid.


  2. I nearly got to adopt a husky (or some such) for a night, his owner having consumed so much superlager that he’d fallen flat on his face, broken his nose, peed himself and passed out – didn’t want the police putting the beast in the pound, and I knew the chap must live nearby, because I’ve seen the dog around. It is a very nice dog. Chap went in ambulance, but not before me and policewoman had worked out where he lived, and helpful passerby went round and learned that there was a sister living there with whom the dog could be left.

    My parents were gifted with a pair of young Presa Canario bitches on Sunday; probably dumped from the nearby Dodgy Fair. Somewhat less cute than the usual cuddly mongrel strays that turn up :-(


  3. thanks folks for all the cheering supportiveness! The teabag situation was resolved the most speedily. The laptop situation is in the process of being resolved, thanks entirely to the amazing generosity of someone who will get a very honourable mention in a blogpost of their own in due course :)


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