happy new year

Big hearty good wishes to everyone who reads and comments here! It’s a pleasure to hear from new people and old friends – whether you challenge things (and make me think) or quietly agree (and keep me accountable!).

From being just a place to spill odd thoughts this blog has been slowly becoming somewhere to have some extremely valuable discussions – and of course it’s the people who comment who make it that way. (I think I can count on one hand the number of really objectionable commenters in the past several years – encouraging me to say that if you read, you’re very welcome to comment.)

Even when it’s busy, this time of year is a good chance to look back over the events that have brought us to where we are now – and contemplating the uncertainties of what the coming year might hold is also a reminder of our own vulnerability.

For anyone who is already reconciled to God there is a great deal of comfort to be drawn from considering that the Saviour is also the one who holds time in his hands and makes everything work together for good for his people. Meanwhile there is still time, if people will use it, to be reconciled – and so find safety not only for our souls in view of eternity, but peace of mind for whatever might happen to us here before then.

4 thoughts on “happy new year

  1. Catherine, those were good thoughts in the last paragraph especially. I liked how you said that the Saviour holds time in His hands. He keeps His children mindful of time in our present choices as well as in view of eternity.

    Best wishes for your new year!


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