If the words “RAE results” mean anything to you, do take a minute to visit Language Log to see Geoff Pullum raving about how Edinburgh’s Linguistics and English Language department fared.

It might also be worth noting that the staff of 20 at Queen Margaret University’s Speech Science Research Centre (which I’m also linked with) achieved some highly respectable results, being rated highly in the ‘internationally excellent’ category and also as ‘world-leading’.

(Now I better go and do some work.)

One thought on “(smirk)

  1. This is off-topic (sorry), but fans of Derek Kidner’s Old Testament commentaries (in the Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries series) may be interested to know that Kidner died, in Histon (near Cambridge) on Thursday, November 27th. He was 95.

    His funeral was held on Wednesday, December 3rd, at St. Andrew’s, Histon (where he is buried in the churchyard). Bishop John Taylor preached Kidner’s funeral sermon from 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18.

    I’ve always valued his OT commentaries, especially his two volumes on the Psalms.

    Frank Derek Kidner (September 22, 1913 – November 27, 2008). RIP.


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