I’m back, and will get round to responding to all the contributions made over the weekend sooner or later. Incidentally, I’ve come back a total convert to the wonders of hyoscine hydrobromide – I was never much of a believer in travel sickness tablets, but this time I was prevailed upon, and the effects of a force 6 in the Minch were, I must say, vastly less harrowing than they otherwise would have been. I’m never sailing without them again!

5 thoughts on “placeholder

  1. Ev, I’m ashamed to say I never checked but I do hope they are!! (Actually I never checked *anything* on the packet, just wolfed one down … thankfully still here to tell the tale :) )

    Anyway, Uig-Tarbert is a much, much kinder journey – and much shorter, even if it does get a wee bit choppy!


  2. LOL…I guess I *have* to check every package now because most things are not for pregnant ladies. Ah well, that is life for me though! :) It is cold isn’t? Making homemade chicken soup…hope it turns out okay. I am never able to make things like my mom, I wonder if that is the majority of women out there! BTW, I am ashamed that I have forgotten to give you a pic of our family…will have to remember to mail it! :S There are so many people I’ve forgotten and now I feel very bad…*sigh* :)


  3. Mmmm, chicken soup :) I’ve got a couple of pics to send you too once i get them off my phone – I’ll email you shortly and we can chat out of the public glare :)


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