amicable settlement in Google abortion case

Remember the controversial decision by Google to ban an advert that would have referred searchers to the Christian Institute for news and views on abortion. Google said at the time that their policy was to not to allow adverts that combined abortion and religion, and the Christian Institute took legal action against them for this blatantly discriminatory policy.

Google has now settled out of court and will now allow religious groups to place adverts relating to abortion. The Christian Institute’s press statement says:

“We are delighted to confirm that our legal proceedings against Google for blocking our abortion ad have been settled on amicable terms.

“As a result of the court action and other representations made to Google in recent months, Google has reviewed its AdWords policy to enable The Christian Institute and other religious associations to place ads on the subject of abortion in a factual and campaigning way.

“The new policy will apply world-wide with immediate effect. This is an important issue of free speech and religious liberty and we are pleased with Google’s constructive response to this matter.”

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