in hibernation

Well, my viva is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon. The person in charge of the administrative arrangements having a sense of humour, it has in fact been booked in Room 101. So I’m learning how to deal with feelings of impending major doom, since as someone else put it, although in admittedly a somewhat different situation, “I am not eloquent, neither heretofore nor since thou hast spoken to thy servant, but I am slow of speech, and of a slow tongue.” It’s why I blog, innit. Meantime, I’m re-reading my thesis and rehearsing some spontaneous answers to the questions we think might come up, and trying to keep things in perspective. So things will carry on being quiet here while I hibernate with the monstrous tome that is my thesis, but I’ll post an update hopefully at some point towards the end of the week depending on how things go. Isa 26:3-4.


8 thoughts on “in hibernation

  1. You’ll do fine! I had a professor who, when he was defending his Ph.D dissertation during his orals, was allowed to tape the session. So, now he can go back and listen to how he sounded then. I think he writhes in pain every time he hears it. (He passed with flying colors, by the way.)


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