little sinners

Robert Traill says:

“The greater the sinner be, the greater is his need of a Saviour, and the saving of the chief of sinners brings the chief honour and glory to the Saviour. … Though there be greater and smaller sins and sinners, yet no man ever did, or can, believe as a little sinner.

Least, and less than the least, of all saints, we find [a great saint saying], Eph 3:8. But never did any true saint either think or call himself a little sinner. For as no man that seeth sin truly can call any sin small or little, so no man that seeth himself to be a sinner really can count himself a small or a little sinner. Nor can it ever be, till there be a little law to break, a little God to offend, a little guilt to contract, and a little wrath to incur. All which are impossible to be, blasphemy to wish, and madness to expect.”

4 thoughts on “little sinners

  1. Once again, Traill strikes again. He always knows just how to put things so that his hearers/readers know exactly what he means.

    On another, completely unrelated topic (unless Traill also wrote about politics), there is a new website, run by politically conservative Britons (yes, they do exist) who are interested in countering anti-Americanism. They do so by providing factual information about the United States and by probing just how much people in Britian really know about America (as opposed to rumor and political bias).

    Anyway, it’s called “America in the World” and it can be found at

    I’ll probably find out stuff that I didn’t know…


  2. Well, some folks, I’m sure, don’t like America very much, mostly because of the war. Now, I’m the first to admit that some Americans travelling in Britain and Europe act like the proverbial “ugly American,” but I do think that there is a certain amount of anti-American bias about.


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