gallivanting again

Right now I should be packing. Tomorrow I’m going north for a wedding and to spend the weekend in a location so remote I don’t even have mobile phone reception, far less the Internet.

For amusement in the meantime, try Wordle, which gave this output for this blog:

4 thoughts on “gallivanting again

  1. The wedding was lovely! I’m desperate to put the pics up, but i was using my phone to take photos … and in the mad scramble to catch the last ferry i left it behind in Raasay! It’s getting posted back to me asap tho so it’s just a case of tenterhooks till then. And also, if anyone was texting/phoning over the weekend i won’t know until i get it back…


  2. Well I suppose I need more patience then! Sorry to hear about the phone hope it arrives soon for you. Thursday is Uncle Lyle’s wedding so we’ll be off to Glasgow for that. At some point we need to check out another car and buy it if its good. Lots of stuff to do…eek and soon we’ll be moving again!!

    So besides all of that whats keeping you busy?

    Ev xx


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