no Plan B?

Reinforcing the consistent pattern that whenever voters in any of Europe’s member states are directly consulted about the plans embodied in the Lisbon Treaty they always reject them, the Irish have now impressively voted No.

One theory for why they did so is of course this from the BBC:

“Our correspondent says that many voters seem to have voted No for the simple reason that they did not understand the treaty, despite a high-profile Yes campaign.”

The alternative explanation is that they did understand, and still didn’t want it. But as far as the designers of the constitutional treaty are concerned, people who participate in the democratic process are guaranteed to fail to “understand” the treaty for as long as they oppose the treaty.

In spite of scare talk by Barroso and others, as David Milliband was quick to demonstrate, there certainly is a Plan B – it’s called pressing ahead anyway. The “due respect” with which the democratic decision of the Irish people is being treated by the French and German heads of state thus consists of total disregard. What part of No do they not understand?

As I’ve said before.


5 thoughts on “no Plan B?

  1. Well, indeed.

    But even supposing it were the case that many of the Irish voters just didn’t really understand the accursed thing they bally well ought to have voted not to ratify it on that ground alone!


  2. Absolutely. Yet voter ignorance is fearfully overexaggerated by Brussels. And how do you get that superscript in your comments?


  3. Funky, innit? The secret was imparted to me by the ninja Carthusians of Achiltibuie, after serving a lengthy, ascetic underwater noviciate with…

    Er, actually I leaned the trick, amongst many others, from a handy “cross-platform keyboard reference for writers” mousemat that came free witha copy of the LRB.

    Most of the characters (such as Æ, ¥,Þ, ð, ß, etc.) can be got (on a Windows® system anyway) by holding down the alt key and entering a four-digit number on the numeric keypad (not the numbers abouve the qwerty set). The ª can be had by alt+0170, for example.

    ßæñèðïç+ ªµÞ®Ø§¢


  4. From yesterday’s Telegraph on the EU leaders’ responses to the Irish rejection of the treaty:

    “There has been something staggering and infuriating about the events of the past few days. The response to the latest setback has been so brazen from the European elite that wants full integration, it proves those involved have passed beyond a point where they might feel the slightest embarrassment about appearing not to be good democrats. In reality, they are now actively anti-democratic in pursuit of their master plan, revelling in a refusal to acknowledge that voters might be anything other than sheep needing to be led in the right direction.”

    Meanwhile, today’s close contender in the category of the jaw-droppingly brazen: the fact that the government was all set to dash off to Rome with the “instruments of ratification” without even bothering to wait for the outcome of Stuart Wheeler’s High Court case – due next week. The judge has heroically sprung into action to stop them for the time being, but how much contempt must they have been stuffed with that they would even have considered it.

    “The court is very surprised that the Government apparently proposes to ratify while the claimant’s challenge to the decision not to hold a referendum on ratification is before the court. The court expects judgment to be handed down next week. The defendants are invited to stay their hand voluntarily until judgment.”


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